The Australian Shooters Journal, or simply ASJ, is a political-oriented supplement to the monthly Australian Shooter magazine. Published periodically and released to all SSAA members, it focuses exclusively on the legislative, licensing and lobbying issues that concern Australia’s firearm owners.

The ASJ brings a range of political, economic, social and environmental issues to the fore and enables sporting shooters and recreational hunters to make informed decisions on the issues that concern them.

  • Volume 15: Issue 1

    Volume 15: Issue 1

    • RSPCA’s anti-hunting stance rebuffed by SSAA

    • A message from SSAA National President Geoff Jones

    • Recreational hunting and animal welfare - an RSPCA Australia (mis)Information Paper

    • SSAA Farmer Assist program aims to curb malignant ferals

    • Ethical hunting the only way

    • Unrealistic path to utopia: The Greens’ visceral view of volunteer hunters

    • Tackling the feral pest problem head on

  • Volume 14: Issue 1

    Volume 14: Issue 1

    • Support our friends, prevent our foes from gaining power
    • Liberal Party of Australia statement
    • The Nationals statement
    • Australian Labor Party statements
    • The Australian Greens
    • Katter’s Australian Party statement
    • Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party statement
    • Liberal Democratic Party statement
    • Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party statement
    • Australian Country Party statement
    • Family First statement
    • Democratic Labour Party statement
    • Pauline Hanson’s One Nation statement
    • Friend or foe?
  • Volume 13: Issue 1

    Volume 13: Issue 1

    • Make your vote count!
    • Australian Labor Party statement
    • Liberal Party of Australia statement
    • The Nationals statement
    • Katter’s Australian Party statement
    • Family First statement
    • Shooters and Fishers Party statement
    • Australian Fishing & Lifestyle Party statement
    • Country Alliance statement
    • Australian Democrats statement
    • Greens’ silence speaks volumes
    • Candidate profiles
  • Volume 12: Issue 1

    Volume 12: Issue 1

    • The changing face of hunting in Australia
      • Hunting in Australia
      • State-by-state perspective
      • Hunter involvement in wildlife management
      • Expert Advisory Group
      • Be Part of the Solution campaign
      • Red Deer Research Project
      • Conclusion
    • Heart of the hunter
    • The facts about crippling and wounding rates in waterfowl in Australia
      • Background information
      • Australian research
      • Relevance of earlier research
      • Summary
      • The constructive way forward
  • Volume 11: Issue 1

    Volume 11: Issue 1

    • A word from the National President
    • Hunting after the era of wildlife protectionism
    • Hunters value habitat
    • Hunting and its place in society
    • Hunting policy issues
    • Effective hunting policy design
    • Kangaroo should be available on the hunter’s menu
    • Hunting and its role in pest management
    • Conservation hunting in parks
    • References
    • SSAA’s Cooks Companion
  • Volume 10: Issue 1

    Volume 10: Issue 1

    • A word from the National President
    • Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA)
    • Australian Government
    • Australia’s support for regional efforts to implement the UN Programme of Action in the Pacific region
    • World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities (WFSA)
    • National Firearms Association (NFA) of Canada
    • Canadian Institute for Legislative Action
    • The FAIR Trade Group
    • Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) Inc
    • The British Shooting Sports Council
    • Shooting Sports Survey

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