The Australian Shooters Journal, or simply ASJ, is a political-oriented supplement to the monthly Australian Shooter magazine. Published periodically and released to all SSAA members, it focuses exclusively on the legislative, licensing and lobbying issues that concern Australia’s firearm owners.

The ASJ brings a range of political, economic, social and environmental issues to the fore and enables sporting shooters and recreational hunters to make informed decisions on the issues that concern them.

  • Volume 6: Issue 3

    Volume 6: Issue 3

    • As the election approaches – what might shooters expect in the future? by Paul Peake
    • Outspoken maverick stands for parliament by Paul Peake
    • The Democrats and gun control
    • Playing politics – the parties and their firearm policies by Yolanda Corduff
    • Australian and New Zealand firearms user groups speak at UN seminar in Fiji
    • New book puts spotlight on American shooters by Abby Wolfe
  • Volume 6: Issue 2

    Volume 6: Issue 2

    • A colossal waste of money
    • Gun control – fact or fiction
    • Lapointe makes the point by Eugene Lapointe
    • 2004 Victorian hunting guide
    • Animal welfare by Paul Peake
    • NSW Game Council fact sheet
    • NSW Game Council opens in Orange
  • Volume 6: Issue 1

    Volume 6: Issue 1

    • National animal welfare bill by Paul Peake
    • Firearms – a global problem from an Australian perspective by Samara McPhedran
    • International developments by Keith Tidswell
    • Victorian duck season by Mike Billing
    • Comparing Australian crime rates with the United States by Dr Alex Robson
    • Hunting as a sport is ethical – fighting words by Ray Manning
    • Rotaries hear about firearms
    • New Victorian firearms lobby group formed by Sebastian Ziccone
    • Interview: SSAA Northern Territory President – Col Mellon by Cheree Beach
  • Volume 5: Issue 1

    Volume 5: Issue 1

    • WA shooters rally against new laws by Paul Peake
    • Remember who stopped the Monash shooting by Dr John Whitely
    • SA Police Minister supports SA farmers with handguns
    • Say it again, Sam by Dr Jeanine Baker
    • Comments on Port Arthur by Dr Jeanine Baker
    • How should we store our firearms by Dr John Whitely
  • Volume 4: Issue 6

    Volume 4: Issue 6

    • Canadian news releases – handgun registration futility
    • Renewal reminder for Qld firearm licence holder
    • Caught in the net – legal gun traders resist being misjudged by Keith Tidswell
    • Rethink on British handgun ban by Paul Peake
    • A brief history of gun control by Paul Peake
    • The enemy within by Mark Jefferson
    • Firearms training, bureaucrats and bunglers by John Dunn
  • Volume 4: Issue 5

    Volume 4: Issue 5

    • Handguns and firearms security – a submission to the Australasian Police Ministers' Council
    • APMC discusses trafficking agreement
    • Hunters, let's get it right by chef Ann Oliver
    • Feral deer in Australia – the Bambi syndrome by Jeanine Baker
    • The SSAA represented in Naples by Keith Tidswell
    • Talk to us: your ideas about gun laws

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