The Australian Shooters Journal, or simply ASJ, is a political-oriented supplement to the monthly Australian Shooter magazine. Published periodically and released to all SSAA members, it focuses exclusively on the legislative, licensing and lobbying issues that concern Australia’s firearm owners.

The ASJ brings a range of political, economic, social and environmental issues to the fore and enables sporting shooters and recreational hunters to make informed decisions on the issues that concern them.

  • Volume 4: Issue 2

    Volume 4: Issue 2

    • Ammunition Mark II by Paul Peake
    • Where do the firearm fees collected in South Australia go? by Andu Drysdale
    • Gallipoli by Keith Tidswell
    • The future of shooting - it’s up to us by Alex Smith
  • Volume 4: Issue 1

    Volume 4: Issue 1

    • Breakthrough at UN conference by Keith Tidswell
    • Reflections on the Golden Age of Guns by John Robinson
    • The Swiss approach by Paul Peake
    • Antecedents and cadetship by Col Allison
    • Gun facts by Colin Greenwood
    • Animal cruelty
  • Volume 3: Issue 6

    Volume 3: Issue 6

    • Party policies by Paul Peake
    • Politicians' profiles
    • SSAA meets with Mr Downer
    • ALP’s stand on illegal gun activity
    • Howard signs off on ADI propellants by Gary Fleetwood
    • Media influence by Gary Fleetwood
    • Ammunition to lobby by by Paul Peake
  • Volume 3: Issue 5

    Volume 3: Issue 5

    • Weapons under attack by Jennifer Martens
    • From the police files
    • Secure it or lose it
    • UN update by Paul Peake
    • The myth of a safer Britain Mkll by Paul Peake
    • Review of open seasons for waterfowl in NSW by David Carter
    • The fear of public outrage by Col Allison
    • Diary notes
    • Arming yourself with words - Part 6 by Gary Fleetwood
  • Volume 3: Issue 4

    Volume 3: Issue 4

    • Crimtrac now online
    • Face to face – sports shooting groups meet federal government
    • The bane of my life by Col Allison
    • Kangaroo harvesting by Jennifer Martens
    • Nowhere to hide – Customs gets an upgrade
    • Opening the lines of communications
    • Arming you with words – Part 5 by Gary Fleetwood
  • Volume 3: Issue 3

    Volume 3: Issue 3

    • Where is it? by Gary Fleetwood
    • Losing ground – SSAA Pontville Club by Jennifer Martens
    • Interview with Russell Mark by Paul Peake
    • Arming yourself with words – Part 4 by Gary Fleetwood
    • SSAA 'National Grass Roots Campaign'
    • Animal matters
    • Victory at last – amendments to the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956

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