The Australian Shooters Journal, or simply ASJ, is a political-oriented supplement to the monthly Australian Shooter magazine. Published periodically and released to all SSAA members, it focuses exclusively on the legislative, licensing and lobbying issues that concern Australia’s firearm owners.

The ASJ brings a range of political, economic, social and environmental issues to the fore and enables sporting shooters and recreational hunters to make informed decisions on the issues that concern them.

  • Volume 8: Issue 3

    Volume 8: Issue 3

    • The Secretary-General's address by Kofi Annan
    • Statement by the Hon Robert Hill
    • Saving the Programme of Action by Carlo Peroni
    • Statement by Robert Joesph
    • IANSA Vision for 2012 by Rebecca Peters
    • IANSA Personal testimony by Mary Leigh Blek
    • FAIR Trade Group remarks by Mark Barnes
    • The UN Small Arms Control Process by Stephanie Koorey
    • Statement by NFA Canada by Gary Mauser
  • Volume 8: Issue 2

    Volume 8: Issue 2

    • The British handgun ban by Colin Greenwood
    • The Canadian firearms registry by Gary A Mauser
    • The incident scene will speak to you by Rod Slings
    • The firearms safety equation by Richard Patterson
    • Promoting firearms safety by Mark Barnes
  • Volume 8: Issue 1

    Volume 8: Issue 1

    • The big question
    • Exposing the hunter within by Warren McKay
    • Caught on middle ground by Jennifer Martens
    • Democrats' Bill would see the end of recreational fishing
    • AusPost update
    • Letters
  • Volume 7: Issue 1

    Volume 7: Issue 1

    • The New Zealand arms control regime by Joe Green
    • Lee Rhiannon and firearms legislation: enough said? by Samara McPhedran
    • New South Wales: handguns, hotspots by Samara McPhedran
    • ASJ Letters
    • Hunters and wildlife advocacy by Jeanine Baker
    • Churchill trust by Samara McPhedran

    Due to an error during production, the Figure 4 chart on page 8
    of the printed July 2005 ASJ (ASJ volume 7 issue 1) was incorrect.
    The corrected version has been put in place in the electronic pdf
    version available for download.

  • Volume 6: Issue 3

    Volume 6: Issue 3

    • As the election approaches – what might shooters expect in the future? by Paul Peake
    • Outspoken maverick stands for parliament by Paul Peake
    • The Democrats and gun control
    • Playing politics – the parties and their firearm policies by Yolanda Corduff
    • Australian and New Zealand firearms user groups speak at UN seminar in Fiji
    • New book puts spotlight on American shooters by Abby Wolfe
  • Volume 6: Issue 2

    Volume 6: Issue 2

    • A colossal waste of money
    • Gun control – fact or fiction
    • Lapointe makes the point by Eugene Lapointe
    • 2004 Victorian hunting guide
    • Animal welfare by Paul Peake
    • NSW Game Council fact sheet
    • NSW Game Council opens in Orange

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