Australian Hunter

The Australian Hunter is Australia’s favourite hunting magazine. Published quarterly, it aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting, as well as provide hunters with up-to-date news and product information. It caters for hunters of all persuasions, including those who hunt for animal management, trophies and of course, for the family table.

Australian Hunter includes a range of hunting stories on all manner of game, from small game such as rabbits and foxes, right up to the world’s largest and most dangerous animals. Being the Australian Hunter, much of the magazine is dedicated to hunting in this country, however it also includes adventures and advice about hunting in other parts of the world too.

The magazine features firearm, knife and general product reviews from experienced hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as practical advice for choosing and using these tools in the field. It also includes camp kitchen and game meat recipes and reader competitions.

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  • Edition 57

    Edition 57

    Don Caswell deals with wild dogs by explaining how their own habits are their worst enemy. Chris Redlich and his family search for deer in all the right places in Queensland. Mark van den Boogaart uses social media to get onto a pigeon hunt in a tiny patch in England, while Joseph Norris travels to South Africa to fulfil his hunting wishlist. John Moore explains why aperture sights are a senior hunter’s blessing, Dick Eussen simplifies knife grind and design, and Nathan Lindsay takes on the Kizlyar’s Supreme Enzo knife. We review Ruger’s Model 77/17 Stainless Varmint Walnut and Winchester’s Model 70 Extreme Weather rifles, Spika’s Pro Hunter backpack and the Husqvarna 236 e-series chainsaw. Our bush chefs get international in the camp kitchen, taking on Indonesian and Mexican cuisine. Steve Bain focuses on tenderloin butchery, and Brad Allen shows how simple it is to improve your trophy photos.

    Australian Hunter 57 is available for mobile, tablet and desktop devices through Zinio. Order in digital for whatever device suits you best so you can enjoy your favourite hunting magazine wherever you go! Alternatively, you can subscribe in print.

  • Edition 56

    Edition 56

    John Dunn heads to the Northern Territory to fulfil his search for a ‘bucket list’ banteng bull, while Dick Eussen visits Queensland’s Gulf Country to cull feral pigs, scrub bulls and brumbies. Brad Allen hunts South Africa’s Highveld and Grant McKenzie pursues mountain-traversing tahr in New Zealand. John Hill discusses ‘first shot syndrome’, the frustrating situation where a rifle will ‘throw’ its first shot, and Robert Dewey examines knife steels and what makes a quality knife. We review the Savage Model 11 Scout rifle, FAIR SLX 692 Gold shotgun, Garmin Montana 650t GPS, Hennessy Hammock and Exo Mountain Gear 5500 backpack, and our bush chefs share some tasty recipes for wallaby, rabbit and even venison offal. Perry Magowan continues the ‘nose-to-tail hunting’ theme with some of the tanned hides, antler-handled knives and furniture he has crafted following his hunting expeditions.

    Australian Hunter 56 is available for mobile, tablet and desktop devices through Zinio. Order in digital for whatever device suits you best so you can enjoy your favourite hunting magazine wherever you go!

  • Edition 55

    Edition 55

    Rob Murton discusses rutting deer behaviour and attempts to call them in by rattling antlers to mimic the sound of duelling stags. Luke Trickett heads to tropical Cape York for bowhunting pigs, Andrew Balcombe travels to the Netherlands for pigeon and Canada geese, and Michael Parola searches New Zealand for a trophy red stag. Thomas Tabor shares 10 tips for better field shooting, while John McDougall offers training techniques for hunting with gundogs. Con Kapralos reviews the Tikka T3 Super Lite Stainless .308 Winchester rifle and Don Caswell tests the Leupold RX-1200i TBR rangefinder. We also look at the LED Lenser XEO 19R headlamp, Nikon 1 AWI action camera, Billyboil thermal cooker, and four books on the environmental effects of wild dogs. Mick Chapman rounds things off with some philosophy about the benefits of recreational hunting.

    Australian Hunter 55 is available for mobile, tablet and desktop devices through Zinio. Order in digital for whatever device suits you best so you can enjoy your favourite hunting magazine wherever you go!

  • Edition 54

    Edition 54

    After five years of hunting the same property, Mark van den Boogaart finally brings home the bacon. Phil Johns heads to Central Australia in search of camels, while Greg Kent and his son stalk stags and boars in Romania, and David Hughes and his son-in-law hunt tahr in New Zealand. Lynn Bain secures a chital stag and shares a recipe for grilled marinated flat roast venison. Don Caswell debates hunting rifle accuracy, and Benjamen Unten assesses signal mirrors for safety and survival in the bush. Peter Bindon reviews Walther’s Hunter three-piece knife set, Corry Glanville tests Kizlyar’s River Series Kallima knife and Robert Dewey examines serrated and plain-edges blades. We also review the Browning Maral straight-pull rifle, Yildiz A3T side-by-side shotgun, CFMoto U550 LE and X550 offroad vehicles and Hema HN7 GPS.

  • Edition 53

    Edition 53

    Don Caswell ventures to the Northern Territory in search of scrub bulls and buffaloes. A few sturdy beasts are downed, but along the way, there is a tense battle of wits with a huge crocodile. American international firearms writer LP Brezny jets in to look for red and fallow deer in Queensland, while Byron Pace experiences a driven boar hunt amid the snows of a German winter. Keith Spencer examines ‘trek-tech’ Aitor bushmate knives, John McDougall runs the rule over the ATA 686S Camo shotgun and John Pond finds how the AirForce Talon PCP air rifle shapes up. Benjamen Unten custom-fits a recoil pad as part of his Remington 7600 rifle project. Dr Annie Woodhouse recounts the history of camels in Australia and offers some relevant recipes.

  • Edition 52

    Edition 52

    It’s ‘mango madness’ as Dick Eussen journeys to a remote region north of Cooktown with the wet season approaching, in search of hungry hogs. Brad Allen enjoys the exotic allure of tracking wildebeest and kudus in Africa with his son, while Steven Simpson goes on the trail of England’s unwelcome and invasive muntjac deer species. Lynn Bain serves up a venison recipe with a spicy twist in the form of chital meatball wraps, which she dubs ‘naanwiches’, and Courtney Schuur puts homemade smoked paprika and chilli kangaroo sausages on the menu. Senior correspondent John Dunn checks out the Sabatti Tactical Synthetic .223-calibre rifle and Bruce Wellington goes the distance with The Truth laser rangefinder produced by Bushnell.


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