Australian Hunter

The Australian Hunter is Australia’s favourite hunting magazine. Published quarterly, it aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting, as well as provide hunters with up-to-date news and product information. It caters for hunters of all persuasions, including those who hunt for animal management, trophies and of course, for the family table.

Australian Hunter includes a range of hunting stories on all manner of game, from small game such as rabbits and foxes, right up to the world’s largest and most dangerous animals. Being the Australian Hunter, much of the magazine is dedicated to hunting in this country, however it also includes adventures and advice about hunting in other parts of the world too.

The magazine features firearm, knife and general product reviews from experienced hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as practical advice for choosing and using these tools in the field. It also includes camp kitchen and game meat recipes and reader competitions.

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  • Edition 48

    Edition 48

    Teenager Monty Williams fulfils his ideal script for ‘Schoolies’ Week’ when his dad Rodney takes him on a hunting trip to New Zealand that sees the pair on the trail of whitetail deer and tahrs during a three-week adventure. Brad Allen comes across a plethora of game animals on a trek to South Africa’s Natal region, while Rhys Millington stays closer to home on an interstate assignment in northern New South Wales for four days of hunting hogs. Don Caswell stresses the importance of projectile choice and placement when hunting deer, while veteran small-game enthusiast John Hill points out the advantages of using lighter loads. The Camp Kitchen turns positively gourmet with individual venison pies, plus rabbit and chorizo terrine enough to make any hunter’s mouth water. Our reviewers also test the Browning BLR Lightweight lever-action rifle, Fabarm Waterfowl Supermag 3.5" Camo shotgun and Gieggerig Hydrapak hydration system.

  • Edition 47

    Edition 47

    The tropical island of Kosrae in Micronesia is the exotic setting for a traditional pig hunt as Alby Adams is guided through testing, dense jungle by a wily local. Maintaining the international theme, Mark Benns heads back to his native New Zealand and enjoys an overdue shoot for deer in the Kaimanawa Range of mountains. Leon Wright goes looking for quail, with his trusted German short-haired pointer, Cobber, leading the way, and Don Caswell muses on what it means to be a game stalker and the qualities that are needed to follow this style of hunting. Testing out equipment are John McDougall, who picks up a Webley & Scott 2000 Game field shotgun, and Bruce Wellington who checks out a trio of Vortex Viper riflescopes.

  • Edition 46

    Edition 46

    Bob Salisbury explains how changing farming trends in Northern Ireland have led to an increase in woodpigeons, which provides great hunting for shooters. A long drive to Far North Queensland is made worthwhile for Alistair McGlashan when he and his brother Stewart come across feral pigs, chital deer and sooty grunter fish. Other animals featured in various yarns include South Australian fallow deer and feral goats, Arnhem Land buffaloes and African bushpigs. Don Caswell goes on the prowl for pest animals with his air rifle, while Dick Eussen looks at what different rifle and cartridge combinations work in downing wild pigs. Rick Huckstepp tests the Tikka T3 Battue Lite rifle, Rob Murton checks out Buff multifunctional headwear products and Neal Finch looks at The Whole Hog nose-to-tail butchery DVD. Pigeon with Cumberland sauce provides a succulent and alternative dish, and Geoff Cartner highlights the advantages for hunters of cooking with foil in the outback.

  • Edition 45

    Edition 45

    Senior correspondent John Dunn goes out on the range in search of the rather unique pronghorns amid the vast expanses of Wyoming. It’s also a walk on the wild side for Mick Thompson, as he heads up into the spectacular Southern Alps of New Zealand to hunt the world’s most challenging mountain game animal, the Himalayan tahr. American hunter LP Brezny steps out of his comfort zone by journeying to Australia’s Far North to hunt heavyweight trophy scrub bulls. For treks into the bush, items such as the Lifesaver jerrycan to carry drinking water and the NexTorch Viker Star headlamp can prove invaluable accessories and both are scrutinised by our writers. Night-vision equipment is also given a try-out with the focus on the Guide IR518C hand-held thermal imager.

  • Edition 44

    Edition 44

    The Locavore restaurant in the Adelaide Hills town of Stirling abides by the principle of using local produce from within a 100-mile radius. Owner Chris March explains where he got the idea and how his business features regional foods as they come into season. Still in South Australia, Rick Huckstepp and his hunting crew round up a mixed bag of varmints in the Riverland. Further afield, Ted Mitchell’s Aussie group enjoy an African odyssey, while Andrew Balcombe experiences a Dutch wildfowl and hare hunt. Senior correspondent John Dunn tries out a couple of high-quality binoculars made by Kings Optics Canada Incorporated, John McDougall tests the Marocchi First Deluxe shotgun, and Don Caswell finds how well Russell Moccasin custom-made boots fit as he goes hunting in gorge country.

  • Edition 43

    Edition 43

    Don Caswell maps out a hunter’s strategy for the pursuit of wild dogs and puts some of the steps into motion on a sheep farm. Leon Wright shares some hints for carrying small game such as ducks, quail and rabbits as the hunt goes on. Robert Griffiths heads to Bullo River Station in the Northern Territory in search of mighty water-buffaloes and along the way, his party also finds time to nab an enormous wild boar and catch some barramundi on a fishing interlude. Our experts look at Joker knives, big blades, and knives for food preparation, while there are reviews on the CZ 550 American Safari Magnum rifle, MaXbox magnetic rifle rest, Pulsar Digisight N550 nightvision riflescope and the Korr Lighting Platinum Camp Kit.


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