Australian & New Zealand Handgun

The Australian & New Zealand Handgun is the SSAA’s dedicated magazine for handgun enthusiasts. Published annually, it showcases legitimate handgun shooting for recreational club and competitive shooters, collectors, historians and those who may use their handguns professionally, such as law enforcement and security personnel.

Handgun features reviews on air pistols, rimfire and centrefire self-loading pistols and revolvers, ammunition, reloading guides, holsters and other shooting accessories, as well as stories about reloading and building custom firearms, hints for shooting specific disciplines and interviews with successful Australian and international competitors.

The magazine also examines the evolution of handguns and ammunition, profiling some of the world’s most influential firearm makers and the creation and use of handguns that have changed the course of history.

  • Issue 19

    Issue 19

    In Australian & New Zealand Handgun 19, Daniel O’Dea reviews the latest Beretta APX modular pistol - this the RDO model (Red Dot Optic) - where the polymer frame can be removed and swapped for one of a different colour, the pistol also coming with three interchangeable grips. Sticking with pistols, Thomas Tabor has written an excellent appraisal of the latest Glock Model 21 and, as he points out, this Gen 3 version comes with a host of upgrades. For collectors, enthusiast Mark van den Boogaart has three tasty articles which are sure to appeal, including the fascinating tale of a classic London Colt which dates back to 1854. Among our features is an insight into the 1956 Melbourne Olympics by Rod Pascoe, who conducted an in-depth interview with Peter Papps, one of the ‘men of the moment’. Handgun afficionado Geoff Smith has penned two interesting pieces on custom loads and accuracy, and with the Australian Army in the market for a new sidearm to replace the ageing Browning, John Maxwell has spoken with two of the key players at Army HQ in Canberra.

  • Issue 18

    Issue 18

    Australian & New Zealand Handgun magazine is back! In our 18th edition we have a mesmerising mix of all things handgun including a review of the Walther Q5 Match SF, the latest refinement in the PPQ family of pistols. And sticking with Walther, we run the numbers on the company’s LP500 Match Air Pistol which isn’t a cheap option but is one which will provide years of happy shooting. Other firearms under the microscope include Kahr Arms’ Premium P9, the Heckler & Koch P30LS, Ruger Blackhawk and the wonderful Smith and Wesson 686 revolver. For the handgun historians out there, Mark van den Boogaart has gained access to a couple of genuine rarities - the Colt Walker and a classic Collier flintlock. We also take a fond look back at the Remington Model 1858 revolver, Mauser’s C96 Broomhandle and the quirky Smith and Wesson ‘Lemon Squeezer’. Rod Pascoe has been across the Tasman and written a fascinating insight into shooting a Classic Service Pistol competition in New Zealand, Geoff Smith takes an in-depth look at the Hi-Tek method of bullet coating for cast projectiles and add to that a handful of tasty product reviews, how-to advice and book review and there should be something for every handgun enthusiast.

  • Issue 17

    Issue 17

    The latest edition of our popular annual features the usual mix of handgun reviews, expert tips for pistol shooters, must-have products to keep your firearms in top condition, a look back at some of history’s iconic handguns and we even turn the spotlight on one of Australia’s 2018 Commonwealth Games success stories. Our cover features the SSAA’s Kate Fantinel who takes us through her journey from novice to medal-winner and what it takes to firstly gain your Category H firearms licence, join a club and become a competitive pistol shooter. Rod Pascoe puts the new SIG Sauer P320 X-Five to the test and also under review is the Slovakian-made Grand Power X-Trim .22 which impresses Geoff Smith, Thomas Tabor runs the rule on both the Smith & Wesson .17 HMR 647 Varminter and Heckler & Koch HK45, while Daniel O’Dea finds the Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0 ‘a good thing made better’. For the collectors out there, Mark van den Boogaart goes in search of his personal grail, the Pritchard pistol, and heads west for some collectable Colts. Henri Lach has history in his hands in ‘A Tale of Two Pistols’, Royce Wilson mourns the loss of the Browning Hi-Power but celebrates the beauty of the Beaumont-Adams double-action percussion revolver, while Daniel O’Dea gets his hands on some American steel with a couple of classic Smith & Wesson self-loaders.

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  • Issue 16

    Issue 16

    Geoff Smith reviews Walther’s PPQ Q5 Match 9mm pistol and gives a lesson on reloading with MKE brass from Turkey. Rob Nicholls tests out the Heckler & Koch SFP9-SF Tactical pistol, Jeremiah takes to the Single Action shooting range with the Ruger Single-Six Hunter revolver and Dick Eussen looks at Breakthrough Clean Technologies gun cleaning equipment. Rod Pascoe investigates how to travel safely and legally with handguns from Australia to New Zealand, and explains how a Ransom Rest can help you find the perfect load. James Cheung breaks down the fundamentals of grip and stance, while Dick Eussen covers the importance of trigger pressure, and considers single-action versus double-action revolvers. Royce Wilson looks at the remarkable Colt collection at Cleaver Firearms, Mark van den Boogaart analyses an antique Parsons coat pistol and Dave Burgess details how joining a pistol club changed his life.

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  • Issue 15

    Issue 15

    Sarah Jane Jacob finds out what makes Australia’s high-level IPSC golden girls tick. Communications Officer Sam Talbot investigates how shooters can take advantage of the Quiet Eye technique to improve their shooting accuracy, and then talks with Dave ‘Saddler’ Earle about how he combined his love of leather-making with Single Action shooting. Dick Eussen lists the best handguns to have in your battery for SSAA competitions, James Cheung takes us back to basics by going over trigger control and Alek Wadi offers advice for shooters who aren’t seeing things as clearly as they used to. We review the GSG 1911 .22LR Target, Pardini SP Rapid Fire and Browning Buck Mark Buckthorn pistols, Smith & Wesson Model 67 revolver and Red Hill Tactical holsters. Henri Lach looks inside the world of miniature pistol collecting, while Geoff Smith recounts an unusual tale about barrel repair involving 10 stuck bullets.

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  • Issue 14

    Issue 14

    Assistant Editor Dave Rose speaks with Tiffany Piper, a New Zealand handgun champion who’s taking on the world of international Action Pistol shooting. James Cheung discusses how he upgraded his Glock 17A Gen 3 pistol in search of better shooting accuracy, while Geoff Smith and Dick Eussen share some tips for reloading handgun cartridges and buying secondhand revolvers. Alek Wadi shares his fondness for the SIG-Hammerli P240 .38 Special Wadcutter pistol, Leo Laden reminisces about a .45-calibre Japanese smoothbore matchlock pistol, and Henri Lach uncovers a curious invention, a .22 Short-calibre pocket-knife pistol. Our team of reviewers also test the Smith & Wesson M&P9L Pro Series CORE and Shield, Walther SSP-E, Beretta U22 Neos .22, Tisas ZIG M1 9mm and Kimber 1911 Rimfire Target Black .22 pistols, the Alfa-Proj 3561 Stainless .357 Magnum revolver and Hogue aftermarket handgun grips.

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