• Issue 13

    Issue 13

    Limited copies available.

    Alek Wadi sifts through some of the problems that can afflict .22LR-calibre handguns and offers some solutions. These guns often require careful cleaning and maintenance to fulfil their potential, which sometimes means consulting an experienced, qualified gunsmith. Peter Richards puts forward some advice and training tips for those involved in Combined Services handgun matches, while assistant film director, actor and former elite bodybuilder Greg Van Borssum shows off his Ray Pulver-built STI 2011 pistol. Our reviewers take a look at the Steyr-Mannlicher M9-A1, Walther PPQ M2 and Grand Power X-Calibur pistols, Ruger Super Blackhawk Stainless revolver and Lyman Turbo sonic cleaning products. On the centenary of the World War I Gallipoli landings in April 1915, Royce Wilson celebrates the Webley Mk VI service revolver, a sturdy piece of wartime equipment which made its initial appearance 100 years ago.

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