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Australian Shooter is not only the flagship publication of the SSAA, it is also Australia’s most popular sports shooting magazine. Published monthly, it aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting and the shooting sports. It caters to SSAA members and the general public who may be recreational hunters, competitive or casual target shooters, those who use their firearms professionally or those who enjoy collecting firearms.

Australian Shooter discusses political, legislative and current event news, while our regular and freelance contributor offer hunting opinions and philosophies, outdoor and survival tips, and technical and practical ballistics information to represent the varied experiences of Australia’s recreational shooters and hunters.

The main point of interest for our readers is no doubt our product reviews and feature articles. Each month, our technical writers road-test and review a selection of new firearms, shooting accessories, knives, clothing and much more to help you choose the right product for your chosen activities. The magazine also features several members-only competitions!

  • September 2017

    September 2017

    Paul Miller reviews the Stoeger ATAC Synthetic Combo .177-calibre air rifle, while John McDougall takes to the range and field with the Bettinsoli Evo Silver over-and-under 12-gauge shotgun. SSAA-LA’s Kate Fantinel explains just how uncommon gun theft is across Australia and why some of the most popular shooting events have been dropped from the Olympics, and SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister reports on the activities of the Association over the past year. Don Caswell examines Moondyne Ghost Eye trail cameras and Trevor Vivian hunts sambar with master hunter Noel O’Connor. John Gillis provides a guide on modifying the Super Simplex press, Royce Wilson takes goes on a tour of the refurbished Imperial War Museum in London, and John Dunn gets prepared for the Australian Arms Auction in Melbourne. Communications Officer Sam Talbot finds out about custom-made earplugs from Earmold Australia and speaks to junior hunter Gus Storey.

  • August 2017

    August 2017

    Thomas Tabor reviews the Savage B22 F sporter rifle chambered in the very popular .22LR calibre and Neil Wheatley tests the Impact Black PCP .22-calibre air rifle from Swedish manufacturer, FX. John McDougall puts Miroku’s Mk 10 Trap shotgun through its paces, while it’s bad news for Ruger which has issued a recall on its Mark IV pistols. SSAA members give their feedback on our interview with the RSPCA, and SSAA-LA’s Kate Fantinel points out the lack of NFA-related ideas in the Sydney Siege findings and how the SSAA secured a successful national firearms amnesty model. Brad Allen gets a mixed bag while hunting with his boys, while Con Kapralos looks at Burris’s Droptine riflescopes and Benjamin Unten is impressed by the SmartRest Quad Rest. Communications Officer Sam Talbot reports on all the action from the Melbourne SSAA SHOT Expo and speaks to junior shooter Blake Papworth.

  • July 2017

    July 2017

    Con Kapralos inspects the feature-rich Thompson/Center Compass rifle, while Don Caswell reviews Howa’s 1500 Mini Action Sporter rifle and Daniel O’Dea tests the H-S Precision Sporter Lightweight hunting rifle. In an exclusive interview, the SSAA asks the RSPCA some tough questions about hunting and animal welfare policies. Senior correspondent Rod Pascoe examines the Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60x52 scope and Brad Allen puts Ledlenser’s MT18 torch under the spotlight. Darren Marks takes to the field with his sons and father to find some grunters on their annual family hunting trip, while Lionel Swift tells the story of second-generation gunsmith Peter Schwarz. SSAA-LA’s Kate Fantinel explains where a New Zealand firearms inquiry went wrong, while Communications Officer Sam Talbot covers what happened at our second range day for the Parliamentary Friends of Shooting group, and speaks with Olympian and junior shooter Aislin Jones.

  • June 2017

    June 2017

    Peter Kincade reviews Tikka’s T3x TAC A1 rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor and senior correspondent John Dunn gets his hands on the Chiappa LA322 Kodiak Cub and Deluxe rimfire lever-action carbines. Paul Miller is impressed by Blaser’s F16 Sporter shotgun, while Don Caswell explains how you can put the spring back into your spring-powered air rifle. SSAA-LA’s Kate Fantinel calls out exaggerated claims on the number of seized illegally imported firearms and reminds us about the SSAA’s A Journalist’s Guide to Firearms and the Shooting Sports. Chris Redlich hunts wild dogs that are causing a farmer serious problems and Ben Smith takes his young family in search for fallow deer. John McDougall tries out Baschieri & Pellagri Sporting & Compak shotshells, while Con Kapralos looks at Hawke’s Vantage IR Rimfire riflescopes. John Hill explains why an optical boresighter can be a huge asset for a shooter.

  • May 2017

    May 2017

    John McDougall reviews the innovative Benelli 828U shotgun and Daniel O’Dea gets to know the MSP rifle from GC Precision Developments. Communications Officer Sam Talbot takes a close look at the SSAA-sponsored Hunting the Menu television series, while host and producer of the show Corey Wilson reveals how it all came together and the impact it has had so far. Jonathon Hoiles secures his first red deer and Justin Pallett takes his two boys on their first shooting trip. SSAA-LA’s Kate Fantinel examines the fallout from the NFA review and says our next battles will be in each state and territory. Senior correspondent John Dunn evaluates Leupold’s VX-3i scope, while DG Crofts saves his shoulder with the Recoil Systems Xpad. John Broxburn goes back in time to investigate a James Lang & Co .450 Express rifle and John Pond measures up Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Auto Charge powder dispenser.

  • April 2017

    April 2017

    Rick Huckstepp examines Remington’s 700 VTR SS rifle and Con Kapralos tests out Ruger’s American Stainless rifle in .308 Winchester. North American correspondent Thomas Tabor attends the massive US SHOT Show, while Assistant Editor Dave Rose covers all the action from the 6th Pacific Regional Shooting Championships in Canberra. John McDougall puts the Radikal GK-01C Camo Field shotgun through its paces on the Sporting Clays range, and Ian Ferrier explains the story behind a sweet little rook rifle. SSAA-LA’s Kate Fantinel unmasks the extreme views behind the Australian Greens Party and explains how members can support our NFA lobbying efforts. Don Caswell reviews Bushnell’s Rimfire 3-12x40 scope before he puts the Pig Saddle Shooting Rest through its paces. Communications Officer Sam Talbot speaks with junior shooter Siridon ‘Donny’ Parsons and senior correspondent Rod Pascoe investigates the disappearance of the .357 Remington Maximum.


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