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Australian Shooter is not only the flagship publication of the SSAA, it is also Australia’s most popular sports shooting magazine. Published monthly, it aims to create a better environment and community understanding of all forms of hunting and the shooting sports. It caters to SSAA members and the general public who may be recreational hunters, competitive or casual target shooters, those who use their firearms professionally or those who enjoy collecting firearms.

Australian Shooter discusses political, legislative and current event news, while our regular and freelance contributor offer hunting opinions and philosophies, outdoor and survival tips, and technical and practical ballistics information to represent the varied experiences of Australia’s recreational shooters and hunters.

The main point of interest for our readers is no doubt our product reviews and feature articles. Each month, our technical writers road-test and review a selection of new firearms, shooting accessories, knives, clothing and much more to help you choose the right product for your chosen activities. The magazine also features several members-only competitions!

  • February 2017

    February 2017

    Senior correspondent John Dunn reviews the Lithgow Arms LA102 CrossOver centrefire and Kimber 84M Hunter rifles, while John McDougall puts Miroku’s Mk 10 Sporter shotgun through its paces. SSAA-LA’s Kate Fantinel tells us what happened when we hosted a pistol shooting range day for politicians and their staffers. John Hill explains neck annealing your cases for reloading, while senior correspondent Rod Pascoe analyses the Load Right load development kit. Leon Wright goes hunting in floodwaters for foxes and Henri Lach investigates the new biological weapon against rabbits. Royce Wilson gives a lesson on the Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine and Brad Allen suggests that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to riflescopes. Assistant Editor Dave Rose details why Perth was the perfect setting for the SSAA SHOT Expo and Communications Officer Sam Talbot reviews Grahame Webb’s book, Wildlife Conservation: In the Belly of the Beast.

  • December 2016

    December 2016

    Assistant Editor Dave Rose celebrates Victoria reaching 50,000 licensed hunters, while Chris Redlich takes on a fighting fallow. Media Officer Kate Fantinel outlines the reality of firearm deaths and how common or uncommon they really are, and Russell Mark explains why policy might be holding back our Olympic shooters’ real potential. Dick Eussen looks at Ruger’s American Rifle Ranch in .300 ACC Blackout calibre, John McDougall tests the Franchi Affinity shotgun and Don Caswell takes a look down Swarovski’s Z6i 2.5-15x56 P scope. Ian Thompson explains the mysteries of yaw in spinning projectiles and Rick Huckstepp gets his hands on the exquisite Rigby Big Game Deluxe .416 Rigby rifle. Ben Unten takes us on a spring hunt, Peter Assfalg travels to the German Hunting and Fishing Museum, and Communications Officer Sam Talbot talks with Single Action junior shooter Tumbleweed Wagon.

  • November 2016

    November 2016

    Paul Miller puts Miroku’s Mk 10 HRT shotgun through its paces, while Con Kapralos tests out the Tikka T3x Varmint .270 rifle. Bruce Wellington spots deer with the Minox ZA5i 2-10x50 riflescope, Dick Eussen checks out the Joker Montes II hunting knife and Jeremiah examines the exquisite engraving on Single Action shooter Ace McKenzie’s guns. In politics, SSAA Legislative Action’s Kate Fantinel explains what happened when we met with fellow Commonwealth countries to discuss protecting our sport, and we find out how the SSAA team fared at the NRA Cowboy Rifle Silhouette National Championships. Communications Officer Sam Talbot catches up with SSAA Academic Bursary recipient Ellen Freeman and also chats with optimistic junior shooter Kayleb O’Connor. Daniel O’Dea puts Uncle Mike’s Tactical Rifle Case under the spotlight and SSAA volunteers continue the fight against feral cats and allowing our western quolls to thrive.

  • October 2016

    October 2016

    Assistant Editor Dave Rose gives a full wrap on golden girl Catherine Skinner as well as all the shooting action from this year’s Rio Olympic Games. SSAA Members Firearms Insurance gets an updated name and new look, and Communications Officer Sam Talbot reveals how the SSAA helped ensure the Tasmanian firearms appearance guidelines were withdrawn.

    The Winchester XPR rifle gets a complete work over from Con Kapralos, while our North American correspondent Thomas Tabor checks out Weatherby’s Mark V Accumark rifle. We also review the Leica ER5 4-20x50 riflescope and X-Blast Exploding Target System. Media Officer Kate Fantinel reports on the Conservation Through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference where experts from around the world spoke about conservation. Leon Wright reflects on his 54 years of duck hunting, and Sarah Jane Jacob talks to Bruny Island gourmet farmer Ross O’Meara.

  • September 2016

    September 2016

    Media Officer Kate Fantinel outlines the strange but true tale of how Mexican drug cartels are infiltrating Australia’s borders with illicit firearms and drugs and what moves the Coalition is taking in response. Also on law and order issues, Communications Officer Sam Talbot says it’s time to get tough on soft sentencing for illegal gun behaviour, and unearths a baffling ACT ruling regarding suppressors. Chris Redlich looks back at his introduction to goat hunting 20 years ago, while Frank Bonneville recommends trusting your instincts out in the field. Under review are the Sako 85 Carbonlight rifle, GSG 1911 .22LR pistol and Browning B725 Sporter Black Edition shotgun. Meanwhile, Leon Wright sings the praises of the Fox Combo Call in tackling the cunning pests and Thomas Tabor discovers the Annealing Made Perfect machine made in New Zealand.

  • August 2016

    August 2016

    The SSAA reports on the law-enforcement issues presented at the National Policing Summit, and Media Officer Kate Fantinel discusses the fallout from the lengthy Federal Election campaign, including the Greens party releasing an outrageous firearms policy and Gun Control Australia attacking the legitimacy of the Adler shotgun. Con Kapralos examines the Steyr SM12 SX Stainless rifle, Daniel O’Dea takes a look at the WFA1 rifle from Warwick Firearms and Neil Edgley tests the BSA Scorpion SE PCP air rifle. We also review the Pulsar Digisight N850 LRF night vision scope, Steiner Miniscope monocular, Tikka rifle cleaning kits and Federal Champion .22LR HP ammo. SSAA Bendigo and Parks Victoria partner to manage foxes, and Ben Smith recalls a successful winter hunting trip to rid a property of ferals including a monstrous feral cat. The SSAA SHOT Expo also smashes attendance records in Sydney.


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