• October 2019

    October 2019

    Here at last! So proclaims the cover of October’s Australian Shooter as we have the first review of the long-awaited LA105 Woomera from Lithgow Arms, an all-Australian made rifle which left reviewer Daniel O’Dea suitably impressed. And on the subject of impressive rifles, James Hoffman has run the numbers on the Marlin 336XLR and come up with a few reasons for choosing an upgraded 30-30 over the modern Winchester 88 spin-offs. Switching to shotguns and Paul Miller has assessed the Beretta DT 11 ACS, not an inexpensive option but one which he reckons might just make that crucial difference for the competition shooter. Speaking of competition shooters, Australian Barry Whitford travelled to the IHMSA World Championships in Oklahoma City where he returned with not one but two world titles under his belt, a feat he hopes to repeat when he defends them next year. And with our usual mix of features, columns and product reviews we’re confident our October issue will keep you entertained.

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