The Junior Shooter

If you’re a junior member of the SSAA or a young person who’d like to try your hand at sports shooting or recreational hunting, then The Junior Shooter is for you. This special newsletter features stories about casual plinking, competitive target shooting, hunting for the table, hunting for wildlife management, firearm and outdoor safety, and the legal and ethical requirements of shooting.

The Junior Shooter includes interview-style articles and advice from young shooters who have competed nationally and internationally, as well as letters from members, game meat recipes and puzzles to keep you informed and entertained. Each issue also includes member competitions with great prizes up for grabs.

Many of the stories are written by junior members of the SSAA or their family and friends, but all are written for juniors, so we can ensure the next generation can continue in their chosen recreation safely and sustainably.

  • Issue 5 - May 2010

    Issue 5 - May 2010

    The names given to particular cartridges can often be a source of bafflement to junior shooters. However, as Tim Blackwell explains, there is logic to the creation and title of this quirky element of shooting. On a similar theme, Barry Wilmot opens the doors on the art of reloading, which can be a rewarding exercise both in terms of enjoyment and money-saving. Out on the range, Rachael Andrews discusses the role of spotters and how they can provide invaluable assistance for medal-chasing target shooters. Cheri Tabor takes us on an enthralling deer hunt in Volcanic Mount St Helens in North America, while how to cook game from such a trek is detailed in a recipe for venison chilli con carne.

  • Issue 4 - November 2009

    Issue 4 - November 2009

    Firearms licensing and regulations vary in all states and territories across Australia, so we offer a concise guide as to what a junior shooter needs to do in their respective area. Thirteen-year-old Connor Knack tells his heart-warming story about how he took up shooting after a medical condition prevented him from playing physical contact sports. Elise Jurasovic, 11, shares her joy of growing up in Tasmania as part of a family that hunts and how she yearns for when she can apply for her minor’s permit. North American correspondent Thomas Tabor unravels the mysteries of a bullet’s ballistic coefficient, and chef Erica Wright rolls out her recipe for kangaroo teriyaki. We also have a junior shooter’s crossword for you to puzzle over.

  • Issue 3 - April 2009

    Issue 3 - April 2009

    Australian shooting legend Russell Mark pens a guest editorial column. The SSAA member, Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medallist, World Champion and Order of Australia recipient tells how he started in the sport at the age of 13 and what it took for him to reach the top. James Adams says to expect the unexpected when on the trail of wily foxes, while North American correspondent Thomas Tabor maps out the many advantages of mounting a scope on your rifle. Rachael Andrews stresses how young shooters should treat every hunting trip as part of a learning curve, and the junior shooter’s find-a-word page presents a grid for you to uncover a host of hidden firearm and shooting related words.

  • Issue 2 - November 2008

    Issue 2 - November 2008

    The junior sporting shooters quiz lets young enthusiasts test their knowledge of firearms and safety. Field Rifle and Rifle Metallic Silhouette shooter Alice Styles delivers tips on helping to fulfil your potential and become an effective target shooter on the range. Keen hunter and professional photographer Alistair McGlashan swaps his firearms for a camera and details how you too can stalk animals in order to capture some stunning wildlife snaps. North American correspondent Thomas Tabor recalls the day he took his daughter Cheri, then aged 14, on her first hunting trip and they went on the trail for pronghorn antelope in Wyoming. We show you how to clean your firearms after the hunt, and chef Erica Wright returns with three more tempting game recipes.

  • Issue 1 - May 2008

    Issue 1 - May 2008

    Senior correspondent John Dunn outlines the basic steps that need to be taken for any junior to move into the sport of shooting. He explains the legal requirements, the learning process and which firearms to use to get started. For those interested in moving into hunting activities, The 10 Commandments of Safety, The Hunter’s Code and the rules of etiquette when hunting will be of interest. Once the hunt has finished, chef Erica Wright shows how to turn your game meat into tasty meals with three simple recipes. There are various junior educational programs throughout the states and territories, which are given a comprehensive introduction, with full contact details of how to jump on board.


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