Australian Women’s Shooter

Focusing towards SSAA’s female members, Australian Women’s Shooter is a quarterly magazine that covers all things women’s shooting. Whether you’re a seasoned sports shooter and/or recreational hunter or maybe looking to become more involved but not sure how, this magazine is for you.

Australian Women’s Shooter features a regular column from three-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist Laetisha Scanlan and relevant practical pieces from professional shooter Gemma Dunn. Along with Laetisha and Gemma’s expert knowledge and tips, AWS is filled with product reviews, profiles, stories and prizes especially for the ever-increasing number of females participating in shooting and hunting across the country.

  • Issue 9 - December 2020

    Issue 9 - December 2020

    Laetisha Scanlan discusses how she keeps a positive frame of mind when competing, no matter what the results. Young SSAA member Zanthie Bailey’s awards list is astounding and we highlight how she’s leading the way for Australia’s next generation of shooters. Part two of our physical tips for shooting looks at strengthening exercises with a focus on getting a solid core for advanced results. Read how hunting for the table brings virtue through the whole field to fork process. And our Ridgeline Micro-Lite short-sleeve tee review demonstrates why it’s a perfect all-round fit for shooting.

    Watch our step-by-step video with personal trainer Zoe Aust on SSAA TV!

  • Issue 8 - September 2020

    Issue 8 - September 2020

    The 2020 Women of Shooting event was a standout success and we take you behind the scenes. We review the versatile Australian Hunter magazine shirts that are ideal for hunting and fishing. We’ve all had the shooting jitters so columnist Laetisha Scanlan covers pre-shot routine and her simple method for success. Our top five physical fitness tips for shooters sees Part one of two covering the fundamentals for optimal sporting performance. Hunting often receives a bad rap but we reveal how it brought a couple closer together and encourages everyone to give it a go.

  • Issue 7 - June 2020

    Issue 7 - June 2020

    Featured is shooter Libby Kosmala’s induction into the SA Sport Hall of Fame thanks to a remarkable 13 medals across a record 12 Paralympic Games. Columnist Laetisha Scanlan provides insight into how a turbulent 2020 has impacted the shooting community. SSAA Conservation and Wildlife Management Queensland member Michelle Pares tries her hand at trapping marauding wild dogs and foxes. Our Ridgeline Kea jacket review highlights its practicality and the added conservation bonus that comes with it. And we wrap up our three-part series on ammunition selection with a look at Pistols and how it abridges the earlier Shotgun and Rifle pieces.

  • Issue 6 - March 2020

    Issue 6 - March 2020

    Our ongoing SSAA Academic Bursary awards offer tertiary students a grant to further their studies in shooting-related matters and we profile worthy recipient Catherine Kelly, highlighting her harmonious deer research and art. In ammunition selection part two, we focus on the rifle to include a projectile’s type, weight and application. Laetisha Scanlan takes us through the trials and tribulations for shooters leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Colleen Woodford explains how shooting has become a family affair and the ultimate link that bonds she and her husband with their daughter. There’s also a 2020 women’s event list inside.

  • Issue 5 - December 2019

    Issue 5 - December 2019

    Environmental volunteer Michelle Pares offers an insight into our Conservation and Wildlife Management (CWM) program and how participation meshes with her love for animals and passion for firearms. In Part one of an ongoing series on ammunition selection, we look at shotgun shells and the best practice for patterning your shotgun. Taking aim with Laetisha Scanlan delves into the Economic and Social Impacts of Recreational Hunting and Shooting report that diligently highlights the health benefits associated with our favourite pastimes. We also showcase hunting on Australian soil and review the Guardian Deluxe firearm bag – with both ticking all the right boxes.

  • Issue 4 - September 2019

    Issue 4 - September 2019

    Spend a day in the life of a travelling Australian Shooting team member with AWS columnist Laetisha Scanlan. Meet dedicated mum and hunter Hayley Crichlow as she despatches feral pigs on the family farm with her kids and pet dogs. Take a look at what to expect as a newcomer on the shooting range and who can also point you in the right direction once there. See how NT shooter Arnya Olsen rose through the national and international shooting ranks in just four years. And stay well-equipped and comfortable out hunting and back at camp with our Ridgeline camo clothing review.


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