SSAA: Australia’s best hunting and shooting magazines


In pursuit of pigs - by John Robinson

Chasin’ chital - by John Dunn

A beginner's guide to duck hunting - by Leon Wright

To the sou' west - by Rob Murton

Hunting fallow deer for venison - by Anton Jurasovic

Successful quail hunting - by Barry Oliver

Billies, boars and bows - by Ted Mitchell

Senior hunters - by Alex Wyschnja

Conducting a fox drive - by Lignum Ralph

Hunting with a map - by Richard Barnsley

Mad over kangaroos - by Jack Kearney

Alone or guided? - by Col Allison

Enigma no more - by Andrew Shepard

Wild dogs - by Ted Mitchell

Arafura antics (Arnhem Land) - by Don Caswell

The last hunt - by ‘Doc’ O’Meara

Dambusters - by Dr Matt Draisma

Shotguns and rabbits - by Leon Wright

Bow hunting feral pigs on the Cape York Peninsula - by Bob Hart

Know your birds

Aussie deer - by John Dunn

Shot placement buffalo and cattle - by Don and Ryan Caswell

European brown hare - by Anton Jurasovic

Turning plastic into tucker - by Scott Amon

Pigs of the open plains - by Ron and Viv Moon

Ferals, conservation and the shooter - by Ric Tester

How to bow hunt goats - by Bob Hart

Donkey, dingoes and flies - by Alex Wyschnja

The goat that caught a trout - by Richard Barnsley

Fly fishing - getting started - by Bob Hart

Clean, humane and successful hunting - by Thomas Tabor

Buffalo dreaming - by Col Allison